Astros at Buffalo, 6/6/21

Holy cow! Bregman just drove the ball.

Didn’t seem too interested in challenging Yordan.

I wonder if anyone ever said that a batter “did way too much with that ball”. They must teach “he didn’t try to do too much with that ball” at radio/television school.

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That’s often what “rolls it over” is code for.

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and “pulled off the ball”

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2 run duck snort!!

Lucky that wasn’t a triple play.

“Look what I found” says 3B.

Great play by Altuve and Bregman.

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Love that shift!


Indeed it was.

Another gem.

Man, Altuve throwing around the leather this inning.

Jay’s announcers admiring 'Stros defense…

Altuve picked up Yordan nicely.

He earns his pay…

I’m considering opening an account at TD Bank. Don’t ask me why. The thought just occurred over the last few innings. I wonder if there’s one in my town.

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A lot of outfielders are afraid to dribble a flyball.

Astros batters have talked HPU into a couple of borderline calls.

Now that was a filthy breaking ball

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