Astros at Buffalo, 6/6/21

I know that situational hitting, in the way Bagwell practiced it, has been slain by Sabremetricians, but it sure is tempting to imagine what these Astros teams would have been like with a little.

Bregman showing some signs of life? That looked like a jam shot to me, but it nearly went out.

Off the bat I thought that was another shallow fly ball. But it kept carrying


What a pleasant development.

HPU has been a bit generous to the Stros today

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Don’t turn your back on Yordan.

Jays OF has been threatening to let one drop all day.

They finally followed thru.

More soft serve.

Come on, Taylor Jones…lean in to one here.

Need the bottom of the order to deal the fatal blow, here. Top hasn’t done shit with runners on base.

What we have here, is failure to communicate.

Jays OF has been an adventure today

WTF is Grichuk’s problem?

“He never heard Semien.”


… and he couldn’t hear it.

Well shit.

Oh goddamnit Machete.


Maldonado gets a demerit for lollygagging there.