Around the AL West 2023

Rangers did to the Blue Jays what the Astros did to them last week. I wonder if a team has ever lost and won a series by 25+ runs in an 10 day span.

The angels have spoken-



There’s a Japan sighting, and it’s not Godzilla, but it could be

Even Gerrit Cole finds this classless.

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The Angels aren’t saying anything yet because they are waiting from the statement of the resigning service agency.

Unless it’s the Mets, I think he might not get a $500 million contract now.

Mets are on an austerity budget now

The park that makes the most sense for him is Yankee Stadium with its jet stream-assisted short RF. But I’m not sure he could handle the environment.

Angels announce he went on the IL with an oblique and will not play again this season.

Dodgers score 5 in top of 11th in Seattle…
Kelly makes an error, WP allows run to score, but LA 6-2 in 11.