Around the AL West 2022

I don’t know. My guess is no.

ETA: Pressly was out on paternity leave last August, so this makes his second child in less than a year. Unrelatedly, my sister and I are less than a year apart.

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Gotta take advantage while all the parts work

Nine months ago, the Astros had just won the pennant.

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i was thinking they just had one last year.

Irish twins.

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The “this is their year” Angels are closer to the worst record in the AL than they are to the wild card.

You hate to see it.

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Tragic with the two greatest players baseball has ever seen.


I really thought they would compete with the Astros this year. I thought they may finally have some pitching to go with their lineup, but for Angel fans, it’s been another year of Lucy with the football.

When an organization spends that much money, with that much talent, and still consistently loses…

Thoughts and prayers.


Isn’t that the truth.

Angels lost 8-7 to the A’s this afternoon in a historically futile way…

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The only thing that would make this funnier would be if both Trout and Ohtani hit 500’ shots.


Hmm, Steven Duggar DFA’d by the Rangers. Snippets from the MLBTR article…

…he lost a good chunk of [this] year to a severe oblique strain.

Duggar appeared in 107 games and picked up 297 trips to the plate last year, hitting .257/.330/.437 with eight home runs and seven stolen bases. Paired with strong center field defense, that made him a valuable contributor to the 107-win Giants club…

…but Duggar’s only making a hair above the league minimum salary and is a strong defender at all three spots on the grass.

If another team were to claim him, they could stash him in Triple-A for the remainder of this season — his final minor league option year.

Claimed off waivers by the Angels.