Around the AL West 2022

Arlington just lost in extras on a successful challenge.
Slide rule violation as Aroldis Garcia tried to break up a dp.

I’ll post a link when it’s available.

Here’s the video.

Garcia was the batter not the runner.

Slide was not egregious. He just didn’t maintain contact with the bag.

Oh man, I hate to hear that.

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Put 'em in skirts.

Counterpoint: Fuck the Rangers.


A ten game losing streak? How the fuck is that even possible…

Learned tonight that the last day the Angels picked up a full game on the Astros in the standings was May 1st.

And they’ve fallen a game below .500.

They’ve underachieved during Maddon’s tenure. How long before he joins Girardi?

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1/3 through the season, a sub 500 team would currently make the playoffs

If you can watch the last 1.5 innings of the Angels/Phils game, you should.

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6-2 lead in the 8th
7-6 lead in the 9th

They gave up 7 2-out runs in those innings to lose 9-6.

The walk off was a low 2 strike cement mixer to a lefty.

Fuck you, Joe Maddon.

I’m as misanthropic as anyone you’re likely to run across, but for some strange reason I don’t hate that guy like most people do.

Of course, I could never gin up any hate for Ryan Braun, either, so who the hell knows. And I’m sure I could find something to hate about Mother Teresa if I tried hard enough. You just never know, I guess.

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Iglesias comes into the 8th with the bases juiced and 1 out (1B, E5, FC, BB). Ks the 1st hitter. 3-2 2-out grand slam by Bryce Harper ties it at 6
Angels take a 7-6 lead in the top 9
Iglesias gives up 2 singles and gets 2 outs in the 9th, gets pulled
1st batter for the new pitcher, 3-2 3-run walkoff bomb

I don’t hate Madden. I just think he’s overrated. Appointed as some sort of messianic figure by the media because they liked him. Just another manager that is as good as his players and his good players could never stay healthy for a whole season together. Especially that guy with a fish name.

I don’t think he managed Kevin Bass.

Or Mercedes Escolar

Salmon was the original Trout.

George Haddock was the OG.

The real original was Mike Ryba – played in the 30’s & 40’s; last name is literally “fish”.

Wasn’t it Jimmy D back in the day who had an all-fish team on the broadcast?