Aches Pains & Muscle Strains 2023

Having bad at-bats with the bases loaded while Meyers, Dubon, and Díaz ride the pine.

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I give this post the largest of dismissive wanking motions.

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…so you’re saying I’m worth your best wanking motion?
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The Sugar Land Space Cowboys said in their postgame message to the press that Forrest Whitley left the game in the top of the third for “an undisclosed reason”. No update outside of that information on what happened exactly.

Right shoulder soreness is what I heard. At least it isn’t “discomfort”

Doctors will be amputating the arm soon (if they haven’t already).


Maybe they should keep the arm and amputate the head.

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Tucker was scratched but apparently is fine just needed a day and should be back in the lineup tomorrow.

Whitley has a lat strain, the day before the Astros announce he was being considered for a spot in the 6 man rotation the team wants to go with since they have games 17 days in a row.

Maybe he is just destined to miss out.

Or maybe he will be an all star for another team after the Astros finally run out of time and patience

Is a lat strain at least encouraging for Whitley compared to another arm injury? Does a lat strain indicate some core delivery motion issue that needs to be fixed?

In other shocking yet still disappointing pitching news:

Lance McCullers Jr. is no longer throwing off a mound, Dusty Baker said.

“We have to take it slow with Lance until we know that he’s 100 percent. That’s where it is right now,” Baker said.

ETA Interview with Dusty:

I’m really starting to question our rehab procedures

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I don’t even know what to think, and I don’t follow other orgs closely enough to have any sort of comparison points.

Trade Jake, he’s at maximum value right now

Has McCullers ever had surgery or has he tried to get well without it?

I thought he had TJS after 2018


Maybe so. I do not know.

LMJ had Tommy John surgery on November 6th, 2018.


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Good Fucking Lord, so many swings at absolute bouncing slop so far.

@Chandler_Rome Forrest Whitley will miss three to four months with his lat strain, the Astros announced.

It’s over.