Aches Pains & Muscle Strains 2022

Who’s coming off TJS?

Justin Verlander (9/30/20)
Forrest Whitley (3/17/21)
Jairo Solis (6/28/21)

Austin Hansen (8/25/21)
Blair Henley (???)
Colton Gordon (5/10/21)

Whitley and Solis of course are on the 40-man roster. I believe that Verlander dude is as well.

Hansen pitched at Sugar Land this past season before going down. Ex-Horn Henley like Hansen was in big league camp with the Astros last spring. He pitched at hi-A Asheville this past season until going on the injured list in June. His TJS had not been publicly reported (I don’t think) until he noted it himself in a recent IG posting.

Gordon was an 8th round pick this past June out of UCF.

There may be other pitchers in the org coming off Tommy John but these are the more prominent ones.

Jolly news. LMJ blames the lockout in large part for him being behind in his recovery because he can’t access team facilities or communicate with team trainers or rehab specialists. I’m sure we will hear more of these kinds of stories.

The owners just keep kicking the shit out of the golden goose


We’ll also likely see players, esp pitchers, getting injured due to shortened ST.

But hey, they met on back to back days for the first time last week so at least they’re trying.

I don’t think I’ve seen this particular timetable as to when Jake Meyers might return but this article says he’ll be out through the end of May.



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I am starting to worry about how much Lance McCullers will pitch this year.

Still I think Verlander, Framber, Luis Garcia, Urquidy, and Javier are a perfectly good rotation April - September.

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Announcement today McCullers will not be ready to start the season.

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“couple of setbacks over the winter” was what I read somewhere

Not sure if this was posted elsewhere, but this is not good for the Padres or their $340MM investment:

Fernando Tatis Jr. fractured wrist during offseason, expected to miss 3 months (

Was just looking for a thread to post that in, maybe we need a general 2022 MLB one?

He’s an amazing and fun talent who’s been snakebit with injuries, hope that is not his career trajectory.

eta: just read about Pete Alonzo’s car wreck…scary stuff and he’s a lucky guy.


I’m beginning to think McCullers’s future is in the bullpen. He just can’t stay healthy.

Is there any mention of how long before McCullers’ return?

I read that tweet earlier this morning and thought to myself I’ll be surprised to see him on the mound in an actual game before June.

Hope I’m wrong.

Silver lining: with the new postseason format, a key starter missing the first half isn’t as big a loss anymore.

I was thinking more or less the same thing: it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if he didn’t have a lot of innings logged when the postseason rolls around. Provided the Astros are in it, of course.

This was a little ominous:

Baker offered few other specifics on McCullers’ status. Asked if he was optimistic McCullers could pitch for Houston this season, Baker replied “hopefully.”

I suppose that’s better than “doubtful”.

Where is the Magic 8-ball when you need it?