2023 Dead Pool

That song was popular in the summer of 1964 when I lived in Hermosa Beach and worked at LAX. To this day, hearing her sing that song immediately takes me back to my summer in California.


IMO the best performance of the greatest Bossa song ever written.

I posted the above not intending to minimize anything about Astrud who was phenomenal. RIP.

The Iron Sheik, dead at 81.

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His Twitter feed was a blast. I don’t think anyone on the planet hated Hulk Hogan more than Sheikie baby. Amazing longevity to make it to 81 when his prime years were pretty much steroids, cocaine, and whiskey.


The Twitter feed was fun, but it wasn’t him. It was his agents.

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I didn’t see it mentioned in the article but I believe he was a one time body guard for the Shah of Iran.

Jim Hines, the first person to run 100 meters in under 10 seconds and Olympic Gold Medalist in Mexico City in 1968, with a world record record that stood for 15 years, has died aged 76.

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Oh, man. His son was a lawyer in our firm for several years. Good guy. Rice grad, iirc.

Pat Robertson, 93

Hopefully he remembered to wear his flame-retardant suit.

Unlike him, I’ll leave that for God to judge.


One of my several Rules of Life is never criticize another’s religion because he/she may be right, and I may be wrong.

That said, Robertson’s smugly superior judgmental demeanor irritated me more than a little. I did not wish him dead, but I did wish he would STFU.


One of the sad truths I’ve had to come to grips with is that if I’m right, neither I nor the likes of Pat Robertson will ever know it.


I thought the air smelled a little better outside today.


Yes. But it’ll be a hack of an “I told you so” if you are wrong.

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I was a Customer Service Agent at Signature Flight Support at the old Austin Mueller Airport Spring '98, and he came through on a private jet (Jesus had one too, you know).

He said hi and waved at me in the lobby and I told him to fuck off under my breath :man_shrugging:t3:

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I think that one came true.


Particularly for Pat and his ilk. (Matthew 18:6).

This one is probably more appropriate: Matthew 7:1-3