2023 Dead Pool

Won’t be too many like Tina Turner ever again.

She was so good. Those legs.

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Ed Ames, singer with The Ames Brothers and actor on Daniel Boone has died aged 95.

He had one of the most memorable appearances on the Tonight Show.


I watched that episode live.

My mother always talked about watching that episode. It cracked her up even 50 years later.

That’s nuts.


It was spontaneous hilarity.

I love the part where Ames is rushing to remove the hatchet and Johnny grabs him by the arm and seems to say “Oh no!”, as if he were making sure to get the most out of the comedic opportunity.


Roger Craig, father of the splitter

Best accomplishment: manager of the86 NL West runner ups.

Well that’s my favorite accomplishment of his.

Teaching Mike Scott the splitter was a good one

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Yes indeed.

I still hold a grudge against him for chiming in on the side of the ball scuffing accusers.


The Giants were 3rd in 86, the Reds were 2nd.

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Scott did no-hit SF to clinch the division, though.

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Astrud Gilberto, who along with her husband Joao and Stan Getz helped bring that bossa nova sound to America. She was the singer of “Girl From Ipanema”. Astrud Gilberto was aged 83.

Getz/Gilberto Live at Carnegie Hall is easily a top-5 jazz album for me.

What a voice.

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An all-time favorite of mine as well. RIP Astrud.