2023 Dead Pool

The semifinal game against Louisville was one of the greatest exhibitions of athleticism on a basketball court I have ever seen. I could not believe they lost the final.

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I met Deacon Jones at the team spring training hotel in 1979. He was sitting at a table by the pool w/ J.R. Richard.

I was 8 and didn’t know who he was, but my mom introduced us. He had a huge smile for me and we talked about the team for about 5 minutes.

Those were great times and great memories.


Nice article:

The '85 WS is probably the most memorable of my youth for several reasons.

Doyle Brunson 89.

Bill Saluga - the alter ego of Raymond J Johnson, Jr.

Jim Brown, 87

He claimed to be a better lacrosse player than football player. He had a big life. R.I.P.

That dude was a man’s man. What a life, indeed.

I wouldn’t go that far. A life full of many highs and lows. He, like all people, contained multitudes.

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He was awesome in, “Mars Attacks!”


Not sure how this got past such a musically rich group of Astros fans. Andy Rourke, 59.


Bummer. Him and Mike Joyce are one of my favorite rhythm sections of that era.

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Damn. Ray Stevenson, 58.

RIP Titus Pullo.



Damn, that guy was fantastic in many roles.

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John Nova Lomax

I always appreciated his window into Houston and Texas culture. I will certainly miss reading him.

Damn, really, another? He and his dad were must reads.

Tina Turner, 83.

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Holy f…

I wish there was something more appropriate than a “like” to respond to that post.

Sad news.

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