2022 Sugar Land Space Cowboys (AAA)

SL sits at 67-72 with 9 games remaining in the season–six at home versus the 59-80 Albuquerque Isotopes and then 3 on the road against the Express in RR. They’ll have to go 7-2 over that stretch to join the DSL Orange as the only affiliates this season with a .500 or better record.

Scoreless outing today in an inning of work. Updated…

20 IP, 13 H, 6 BB, 25 K.

Candidate for the pen next season or trade bait this offseason.

Other pen and/or trade candidates Seth Martinez, Parker Mushinksi and Enoli Paredes also with scoreless innings today.

3B Joe Perez 2-3 with a walk in his first taste of life above AA (apart from his 1 AB with the Astros earlier this year).

Corey Julks with #29 today as he continues to lead all Astros minor leaguers in homers and is 3rd in the PCL.

What positions has Julks been playing in the 2nd half of the season?

3B and corner OF. I could be mistaken but I think his 4 starts at 2B came in the back half as well.

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I saw him play second in August.

Korey Lee with his 24th and 25th homers last night. Since he got sent down, in his last 38 games he’s hitting .262/.341/.604 with 15 longballs but also comes with a 30% K rate.

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Season wrapped with an 11-5 pasting of the Isotopes as Sugar Land finished the year at 72-73.

Jake Meyers, Joe Perez, JJ Matijevic and Corey Julks were collectively 11-17 with 3 homers, 10 RBIs and 2 walks. Korey Lee and Pedro Leon both took 0fers today.

Meyers in 21 games since being sent down: .333/.438/.531 with more walks (15) than strikeouts (13).

Perez went 10-16 in the 5 games since being promoted from Corpus.

Matijevic finished at .278/.356/.544 in 61 games to go along with his .209/.254/.328 line in 32 games while with the Astros.

Julks ended his year at .272/.355/.500 with those 29 homers and his .855 OPS was good for 10th in the PCL (David Hensley finished 5th at .898). He went 22-5 in steals.

Lee’s overall numbers were .237/.305/.484 with 25 homers. That .789 OPS ranked 23rd in the league. His 12 steals (caught just once) ranked 4th on the club. He finished .255/.337/.588 with 15 homers and a K rate of 30.2% in the 39 games since being sent down.

Leon finished at .229/.364/.435 with a 28% K rate. That .799 OPS finished just ahead of Lee good for 22nd in the PCL. He definitely took advantage of the PCL’s many hitter havens with a .934 road OPS versus a .652 OPS at Constellation Field. [Interestingly by comparison Corey Julks posted a higher OPS at home than on the road (.882 vs .829).] Over his first 64 games (thru June) Leon’s OPS was .801 with a 30% K rate while the final 48 games showed a .797 OPS and 26% K rate. His 38 steals led the team but he was also thrown out 17 times for a below average 69% success rate.

It is pleasing to see that Meyers is having a lot of success hitting. Hopefully he will gain a boost of confidence that will carry over to next spring.


The more I think about it the more I expect Meyers to be put on the playoff roster.

I think the team’s best chance is if 2020 Jake is back. The team should promote him ( in place of Y.Diaz who isn’t playing) and give him a few of the last 8 starts to test him.

Even if they just use him as a defensive replacement and/or pinch runner he helps the team. Dubon is a weaker overall defender in CF than Jake was at his worst.

A.Diaz, Dubon, and Hensley are so similar defensively it makes sense to leave one of them off.

Dubon is my preference with Hensley being the most likely.

No way Hensley gets the nod over Dubon. And Y.Diaz gives them flexibility at C.

You are absolutely nuts if you think Dusty’s favorite player on the team is getting left off the postseason roster.


I agree with you.

Thats why I said eventhough I would pefer Dubon left off, Hensley is most likely.

Although Click makes the decision. Does he have the guts to piss Dusty off?

If Meyers is on the team, there is nothing Dubon does that can not be done better by someone else on the team.

I expect 14 position players in ALDS

11 starters with A.Diaz/Yordan/Mancini sharing LF/DH and Maldy 75%/Vazquez 25% catching.

Other 3 from
K Lee or Y.Diaz

Dubon gives you a ton of versatility in that he can literally play anywhere. Diaz (the infielder) can play the infield and left, but you don’t want him in right or center.

Dubon on a playoff roster can fill any spot other than catcher, has decent speed, can hit enough as a replacement.

Meyers can play the 3 OF positions, can run, hasn’t hit for shit this year. Dubon makes infinite more sense than rolling the dice on a guy that hasn’t hit big league hitting well at all.

You’re reaching hard enough to pull a muscle trying to sell Meyers as anything but a dice roll on a playoff roster in 2022.

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I agree that Dubon’s versatility has value.

I’m not a Dubon hater.

However I do not think he should ever play CF except in an emergency ( a la Tucker). He is not good there.

As for Jake I like him and feel bad about his injury last post season.

But if there was a reasonable option as a backup CF I would be all in with letting him continue working until the spring without another shot.

But this team as constructed has no viable backup CF.

As bad as Meyers was he was better than Dubon IMO

The numbers and eyes say otherwise.

Dubon is not a great CF, but if used properly in a platoon with Chaz, he’s perfectly serviceable.

Meyers has done nothing in the bigs this year other than look awful both throwing and hitting.

I hope he is the long term answer, but unless he is given the chance to show up and does at the end of the year, there’s no way he’s on the postseason roster and playing in the playoffs.

CF is too important to have a guy with a dead arm that also can’t hit.

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This is what I don’t get. Jake was clearly just lobbing balls in from CF before he went back down. In his current state he brings nothing that Chas doesn’t also bring. Why are we worrying about this?

Lack of better topics?