2022 Sugar Land Space Cowboys (AAA)

I wish I could find 2022 stats on throwing MPH and accurancy.

I simply have not found it. I expect Dubon is better but have no idea how much better.

As for hitting they are essentially equal. The difference is that this is who Dubon is while its the absolute floor for Meyers:
avg: Dubon .209, Meyers .209
Ob%: Dubon .256, Meyers .255
Slg: Dubon .294, Meyers .302

Fielding, even in this bad year Meyers is exceptional while Dubon is about average.
Dubon -1 outs above average
Meyers +6 outs above average

All flies w/ 90% or lower expected catch:
Dubon 10 out of 22
Meyers: 16 out of 24.

Reaction: Dubon +0.1, Meyers 0.0
Burst: Dubon +0.7, Meyers +1.9
Route: Dubon 0, Meyers +0.8
ft/sec vs avg: Dubon +0.7,Meyers+2.7
av ft covered:Dubon 35, Meyers 37.6

( from baseball savant)

So at his worst, Meyers is slightly better than Dubon.

What is the risk in seeing if he has recovered?

Perhaps, and I’m just spit-balling here, they know that he’s not recovered. After all, they actually watch him every day.

You’re also ignoring the not insignificant fact that Meyers plays three or four fewer infield positions than Dubon.

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If he’s not recovered and they know it thats a different matter.

But he’s hitting the ball hard in AAA. There’s no physical reason why he can’t hit it hard in MLB.

But the stats show that terrible 2020 Meyers was at least as good as Dubon.

And with Aledmys on the team, Dubon’s infield versatility isn’t needed.

But again I expect Dubon to be on the roster at the expense of Hensley ( or Matijevic)

Uh… what?

Versatility is crucial in the playoffs. Having a guy that can play above average anywhere on the field is ABSOLUTELY needed, and ignoring that part of Dubon’s game is absolutely crazy.


I guess my opinions are not shared by many.

I believe there is a point of diminishing returns and balance is important.

At some point no more back ups are needed for a position.

If the team has Pena, A Diaz, Hensley, ( and Bregman in an emergency) for a 5 game or 7 game series, how important is it to add another player because he can play shortstop?

Now if people were arguing Dubon needs to be on the team because they need at least 3 guys who can play CF and the Astros won’t put Tucker there then I would agree with that.

Who said anything about shortstop?

Dubon being able to ably fill any position in the park other than catcher is the most balanced thing you can have for a bottom end of the roster.

If it’s late in a game and you need to PH for someone or want to sub in for defense, Dubon can go anywhere and fill that spot. If you need a runner for Maldy/Vasquez and want to double switch, Dubon can run then play wherever in the lineup. His ability to fill in just about anywhere at a high level is an enormous weapon.

Having players like that in the postseason is invaluable, and nobody in the right mind is giving up that versatility for a flyer on a guy that has been putrid in the bigs this year.

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I was just using shortstop as a hypothetical example for my opinion.

The same can be said for every infield position he plays, and adding Meyers to the OF was the original point so his OF versatility does not apply.

I inderstand the value but that value is diminished if there are multiple other players who can also fill in

I feel that with that diminished value the chances of the team to win the World Series with a different player, with different skills, would improve.

Who let someone in their right mind in here?


Okay, sure. A less versatile player, that plays less positions, who was run on with absolute reckless abandon all year, who was bad enough to get sent down and not be brought back up even when rosters expanded is definitely the missing piece on this team to win a World Series.

I give up.


Lets just agree to disagree ( eventhough I think we are both right. Its just a matter of extent)

Hopefully it doesn’t matter and whatever roster is chosen the team has no injuries, the regulars play exceptionally well, and the Astros steamroll the league on their way to another World Series championship.

Sugar Land finished with a win today, but after Shawn Dublin’s 5-run meltdown yesterday, they fell just short of .500 (73-75).

Joe Perez looked good the last couple of weeks, though.

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So let’s try this again with the season finally final…

Jake Meyers in 24 games since being sent down: .337/.450/.543 with more walks (19) than strikeouts (16).

Joe Perez went 14-29 in the 8 games since being promoted from Corpus.

JJ Matijevic finished at .285/.372/.561 in 64 games with a 24% K rate to go along with his .209/.254/.328 line in 32 games while with the Astros. Didn’t qualify for league leaders but that .933 OPS did lead the team among those with at least 250 PAs.

Corey Julks ended his year at .270/.351/.503 with 31 longballs. Those homers tied for 3rd in the PCL (and 4th in all of AAA). His final .854 OPS still ranked 10th in the PCL.

Korey Lee’s overall numbers were .238/.307/.483 with 25 homers and again the .790 OPS ranked 23rd in the final PCL #s. He finished .256/.341/.583 with 15 homers and a K rate of 30.7% in the 40 games since being sent down.

Pedro Leon finished at .228/.365/.431 with a 29% K rate. His .796 OPS tied with Seth Beer for 21st in the PCL. His final road/home OPS split was .921/.652. OPS over his first 64 games (thru June) was .801 with a 30% K rate while the final 51 games showed a .789 OPS and 27% K rate. Was 22-5 in steals during those first 64 games but just 16-13 the rest of the way.