You don't have to be a baseball fan to smile at this

Classy move!


Or this.

…Bregman is also trying to open a sensory room at Minute Maid Park, which will allow families who have children with autism and other disabilities to have a safe place to go during games. The Indians, Pirates, White Sox, A’s and Reds are among the teams that have sensory rooms, which are equipped with noise-cancelling headphones, fidget tools and verbal cue cards.

The bright lights and sudden noise bursts of a ballpark can trigger adverse reactions in kids with autism. That’s why Brady (Bregman’s godson) has yet to see Bregman play in person.


Spectacular displays of skill.

On the other side of the talent scale: Gotta share this about our youngest grandson, Sam. He is playing T-ball this year w/ his Dad/our son as his coach. The parents are involved w/ six outfielders (and six parents in the outfield) at one point.

Players are switched from outfield to infield each inning. At one point Sam was in LF, near where we were sitting. A little girl, placed near him, decided she wanted to talk with him.

Sam says, “I need my space.” Later he reminds her that the coach told them to “Spread out”. After a while it got boring so they started talking…


The shift sometimes giveth

If the official scorer called that a hit, they should be fired retroactive to last night.

That was an obvious error.


I did not feel like smiling about it either. Good hustle by the runner, but E 6.

I can see the justification for a hit based on the distance the shortstop had to run. That was more than a routine play. Plays like they happen in foul territory and players are rarely given errors for missing a pop after a long run.

He ran a long way but was essentially settled under it.

Dropped pop ups in foul territory generally don’t give a runner 3 bases, either.

It was a hard run but not a particularly long one, I think, and he was under the ball. E6 to me if the scorer is objective.

Still stands as a triple in the box score today. A home call?

Plus he chose to make a basket catch.

All he had to do was reach up and catch it.


I’ll notify MLB.


I wish I could amend the title to read

"You don’t have to be a baseball fan to smile, marvel - or scratch your head - at THIS!

No-look catch & DP.


Smooth as silk too.

and total dumb luck

Not a spectator.
Padre CF gets PO @ 2B in rundown. (Padres @ Mariners, 19 Sep 20)

Not sure if this will make you smile but it is an amazing story.

Here’s what he just did.


BudGirl, this is a miracle - not only for Drew but for his family, and others.
More than a smile, it fits the “marvel” category.
Thank you!

I wasn’t sure about the smile because I was in tears.