Yankees @ Astros, September 1, 2023

JV on the bump.

Keep the train rolling b

Dubon does not get the call in CF, despite JV on the mound. It’s Meyers

And after two pitches it’s 1-0 Yankees

2-out walk on strike three to Stanton

And it’s 3-0 Yankees on Dominguez’s first career swing

Well shit

This one hasn’t started well. Middle of one…3-0 Yankees

Altuve hacking…grounds out on ball four

Bregman gets a 2-0 cookie…Popup!

Yordan hit by pitch

You know that we’re going to hear about Dominguez’s first AB for the rest of our lives.

Tucker…3-0…3-1…3-2…foul…down on strikes

After one…3-0 Yankees

Well, let’s not repeat THAT inning again tonight

Altuve out


Guessing he’ll miss at least five games

Lower body discomfort.

Leadoff hit for Wells

Well, if he didn’t swing at that pitch he fouled off his shin, it would have hit him in the shin, so…

We’re sharp tonight.