Yankees @ Astros, September 1, 2023

Pereira grounds to 3B for a tailor made double play, and…Dubon drops it. Got the out at 2B though

Middle of two… 3-0


Sure wish Alvarez had been on base at that hit

Diaz strikes out on ball six

Peña with a 1-out double

Meyers flies out to CF, Peña to 3B

Maldonado hacking at pitches in his eyes…works it full…pops out on ball six. Never saw a strike

But the Astros get on the board. 3-1 Yankees

It’s 1-1 after 6.5 in NY. Nothing doing in Arlington after 3.

Between Altuve and Abreu and Diaz and Peña and Maldonado, this is the worst disciplined lineup I’ve ever seen.

Seems like the Yanks are gonna get baserunners every inning. Really want that to stop.


5-1 Yankees

Jesus Christ, Verlander scrubbing it up tonight.

JVnis a fucking train wreck tonight.

Gonna get rolled by a team that gave up last week tonight. Sweet.


Signs are not encouraging so far tonight.

Abreu has now swung at four pitches over his head

End of three…5-2 Yankees

We can’t get just 1 run every other inning if we’re gonna make this a game