Yankees @ Astros, March 30, 2024

The chat feature is not yet a hit.

The Astros have yet to win a game this season.

Let’s all get off our dicks tonight, shall we?


I was unsure what I should drink tonight, so I made myself a Third Man. I’m hoping it’s got the magic.

Third game, third man, it’s gotta work.


I’m out and about today hoping to drink us to a win.


Get back to basics, Astros, and win your first game of the season tonight!

Game is on Fox tonight, btw

Pound the zone, Hunter.

Gonna start a little old fashioned PBP tonight. We’ll see where it gets us.

Brown getting squeezed already. Awesome.

He bounced back nicely to strike out Torres.


Torres strikes out swinging
Soto taps up the 1B line, Brown fields it and takes it to 1B himself…1U
Judge…full count…walks
Rizzo…0-2…strikes out swinging

No score.

Good job, Hunter. Let’s get him some runs, Astros’ hitters!

Abreu in the six hole today.


Altuve lines out to SS
Alvarez flies out F7
Tucker strikes out swinging

No score

I’m gonna make another Third Man, but I’m going to wait until the third inning.

You are making good pitches, Hunter. Bear down and strand these runners.


Verdugo takes a strike for ball one…2-0…2-1…2-2…foul…foul…grounds out 4-3
Volpe dribbles one up the 3B line, Bregman can’t barehand it…infield single
Wells with a bloop single to LF, Volpe to 2B
Cabrera…0-2…foul…foul…strikes out swinging
Grisham strikes out looking

No score

Generous strike 2&3. I’ll take it.

Looks like it’ll be another long night for the bullpen.

Volpe and Wells got gift hits, it all evened out.