Yankees @ Astros, March 30, 2024

Get things started, Alex.

They’re still insisting on using the ump can I see… time to pop some Dramamine.

aahhhh. thanks for the thread, y’all.

Take advantage of the gift, Astros.

Abreu hit by a pitch on his hand.

Pena with nice hustle! Dubon!!

Come on Dubon!


Channeling your inner @HudsonHawk, I see!

Dubon needs to be in the lineup as much as possible.


Bregman grounds out 4-3 behind 2B
Diaz grounds to 3B, Cabrera throws it in the dirt…reaches on the TE5
Abreu…quickly 0-2…foul…1-2…2-2…hit by pitch, Diaz to 2B. He swung at the pitch, but no call
Peña grounds into 6-4 FC, Diaz to 3B
Dubon doubles to RF! Diaz scores, Peña scores!
Caratini grounds out 3U

After two…2-0 Astros

Also, Peña hustling out of the box made that possible.

I watch FOX games on my digital antenna.

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All the other games I watch are streamed and I’m usually 30 to 45 seconds behind Hudson

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i need to get one of those that works. i bought a shitty one and it was…shitty

i’m developing a special kind of hate for Soto…

You didn’t already have it after the 2019 World Series?

i blocked that out of my memory. thanks, man.

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I’m surprised these announcers can enunciate with the Yankees cocks shoved down their throats and Yankee balls in their hands. Well, I guess them juggling Yankee nuts wouldn’t interfere with their ability to enunciate.


Need a shut down inning, Hunter.