Yankees @ Astros, Game 2, July 21, 2022

Garcia gets the ball. Jake in CF, Yordan at DH and Matijevic and Game 1 hero Matijevic gives Yuli a breather at 1B. Maldonado behind the dish.

Does Matijevic make that unassisted double play that Yuli did in the 3rd inning of Game 1?

Probably. It was right at him. Think any big league first baseman does.

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Judge…0-2…1-2…2-2…foul…3-2 on the corner…strikes out swinging
Torres…3-2…foul…flies to shallow LF
Carpenter grounds out 4-3

Astros coming to bat

@AstrosFanInBigD You were right about Jake’s shoulder…

Good news!

Yordan HR!

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Yordan goes boom!

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Bregman! 2-0

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Back 2 back!

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Stanton plays LF like a DH

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Or worse, although I don’t know what worse would be.


Altuve grounds out 5-3 on the first pitch
Peña…3-2…taps one past the mound, barehand pickup and pick at 1B…6-3
Alvarez homers to LF
Bregman…takes strike one…takes strike two…foul…homers to LF…changeup right down the middle
Tucker flairs one to LF, Stanton sort of gives up on it and let’s it drop at his feet
Meyers walks, Tucker to 2B
Matijevic flairs to LF and Stanton makes the diving catch

2-0 Astros

Damn, I was sure we were going to see some high comedy there.

I think Stanton objected to the notion that he couldn’t play left field.

A good left fielder gets in position to catch that at his chest.

But a DH doesn’t make the catch at all.

Doesn’t even attempt to.

Mostly because he’s sitting in the dugout.

Come on, Peña.

I’m glad I’m leaving shortly because watching Garcia nibble himself into a 5 inning at most start is going to cause my to flip my desk.