A’s @ Astros, July 17, 2022

We should see if he can hit.


Trivino in for the A’s

Meyers…not really interested…strikes out swinging
Matjevic, pinch hitting for Maldonado…strikes out swinging…imagine that
Altuve bounces out 5-3 on the first pitch

And the Astros go down…stumble into the All-Star break.


Absolutely pathetic weekend series completed. Way to go, you fucking schlubs.

Thank goodness the break is here.

Maybe they can learn to fucking play defense on the off days.

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That’s the ballgame isn’t it?

Odorizzi gave up a dinger but still had a 2 run lead. The defense made that evaporate.

You forgot the air quotes around “defense”.

Absoluty a “2 schlub” game, thanks for adding the 2nd

His own “defense”. He cost himself two runs with his wild throw.

Is Meyers OK?
Know he finished the game, but was there any post-game report.

I didn’t see anything mentioned but I didn’t go looking.

The real answer will come with the Thursday lineup(s).

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We need Uncle Mike and Yordan back.

It was Myers other shoulder he winced and grabbed at. So it’s not a reinjury if it is hurt.

I took a cursory look at the overall team defensive stats and turned away in disgust. A month or so ago, the team was either top or in the top 2-3 in most defensive stats. They’ve fallen many, many places to middle of the pack (~15th) in most categories. What a rapid decline it’s been, confirming what we have all been seeing with our bleeding eyes.


Submitted without further comment:

It looks like that while he was wildly inaccurate, he was at least consistent about it.

I mean, kind of.

Check out marked pitch 3. That’s fucking horrific.

Also, he only sometimes called the off the outside corner pitches strikes. And the highest one above the zone was to Altuve and literally at his shoulders.

Also, a 72 percent called strike accuracy is fucking horrendous. 3 of every 10 strikes he called were calls.

I see nothing wrong here.

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