A’s @ Astros, July 17, 2022

Last game before the break. Need a good one from Odorizzi


Machin flies out F7
Laureano strikes out swinging
Murphy grounds out 6-3

Good start. No score

Nice self defense swing by Laureano on strike 3

That’ll be overturned, good hustle by Pena though

That’s gone.

That little girl was sure proud of her daddy ending up with Tucker’s homerun ball.

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She wanted that ball more than the schlub in the upper deck who dropped it.

You bet’cha


Altuve flies out to shallow CF
Peña…takes a 1-2 pitch right down the middle for ball two…wow…grounds to 3B, Machin bobbles it’s, Peña called safe…A’s challenging…overturned…5-3
Tucker…full count…drives one into the upper deck in RF!…belt high fastball split the plate
Bregman walks
Diaz singles to LF, Bregman to 2B
Gurriel flies out F7

1-0 Astros

So observation: the 0-2 count to Diaz is when wish the Astros were more aggressive in the running game. With 2 outs, unlikely to string multiple hits together, but if Bregman gets in scoring position, he can score on one more single. Which they got.

I agree with the sentiment, but I don’t think Bregman has enough speed to make that particular situation a very good risk.

It looked like Bolt was checking his swing when he got hit by the pitch.

It definitely hit both bat and hand.

I’m not sure why the Astros didn’t review it, other than Dusty is probably mid nap.

I’m very tired of Elvis Andrus.


So help me christ if they score runs because Dusty is too stupid to challenge that HBP, I’m going to lose my fucking mind.


Brown flies out F8
Pinder flies out F9
Bolt…0-2…1-2…hit by pitch on the hand. Trainers out looking at him. For some reason it’s ruled a foul ball, umps getting together…now correctly ruled HBP
Andrus fouling off pitches…I have a bad feeling…seeing eye ground ball single off of Peña’s glove, Bolt to 3B
Piscotty strikes out swinging

1-0 Astros

Man, that video of Sale is something I don’t need to see twice.

I think it’s an excellent risk. 1) You’re likely to get an off speed pitch, good to run on, and 2) if you get thrown out, Diaz gets a fresh at bat to start the next inning. It’s a risk, yes, but responsible risk in that situation.

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Good lord. Myers got a spinning slider at the belt and swung through it.


McCormick works the count full…takes a meatball for strike three
Meyers…0-2…1-2…strikes out swinging at a hanging slider
Maldonado flies out F7

Through two…1-0 Astros