World Series 2021

Lest anyone think we’re taking this for granted I felt we should have a thread with that title.

As noted elsewhere, G1 matchup is Morton vs. Valdez.

Lance will not pitch in the series. No surprise, but a bummer and a blow.

Strom said Greinke threw a normal session over the weekend. Hit his spots etc.

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Good article about Maldonado.

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A no-paywall link:

It’s gonna be a long day no matter what I do. Will 7 pm ever get here? I’m ready!


It’s 8pm for me. It’s excruciating.

6 pm for me, but I work 5-9:30 at my second job.

Life is too damn expensive.

It’s 9am on Wednesday for me and I’ll be in the middle of a three hour training session.

Here’s something to get your feels going today.


Can’t wait here, either. I’m excited for the series to start.

Fuck the haters. Go Astros! Bring another World Series home to Houston!

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Awesome video. I’ve got to admit, it hurts my heart every time I hear the the Altuve chant. He deserves to be celebrated across baseball more than anyone on the team. I get that fan hate is irrational and there is nothing to be done for it, but I feel it for him. The other guys have the personality to wear it and give some back. He’s such a humble guy, he just swallows it all and I hate seeing it.


Meyers out, Marwin in are the only changes to the WS roster.

Urquidy starting Game 2.

eta taxi squad:

I figured Marwin or Bielak. Glad to see Marwin, hope he has some of that old magic left.


Gore vs. Machete, the real World Series.

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Lightning, meet bottle

Game 2 ticket available

Let me know if you want a ticket $300/each section 316, row 1.

I have a friend with them available. I’ll be sitting there also.

Wondering about Garcia’s knee now…

Extra rest, says Tags. His last start was on 5 days rest, so…

Plus Urquidy was going to pitch either 2 or 3 regardless

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I’m not. I think they just want to go with Urquidy in game two and Garcia in game three.

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The Raups are on the road to Houston currently.