White Sox @ Astros, June 18, 2021

Jose be hackin

Ball five fills the count…


Another strikeout to strand the bases loaded

But the Astros tie it up…1-1

Pretty good battle.

Popped him in the face.


Right between the eyes

I’ve had that happen playing catch. Hit right in the face

Pretty accurate throw.

Way to go, Luis.

Bats, get back to work.

Mid-6…still tied 1-1

Back to the putrid at bats, I guess.

Oh good. Raley is warming up. He hasn’t pitched yet this game.

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Pop up to the right side…Yuli snatches it away from Altuve. He’ll probably hear about that.


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At the Stretch…1-1 ballgame.

Looks like Garcia is done for the night. Helluva job

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Luis Garcia is a bad, bad man.


Great fucking job by Garcia.

Righted the ship and mowed em down.


Ramon Garcia was “Big Chief”

This guy needs a nickname