White Sox @ Astros, June 18, 2021

1 out double for Goodwin in the first.

0-2 pitch.

Little flair to CF puts Sox on the corners, 1 out

Shift taketh

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Slow roller into RF makes it 1-0, still Sox on the corners, one out

Big strikeout of Grandal…two out

Garcia gets through the first…got bit by a couple soft contact dinks and doinks, but only gives up the one run

1-0 Sox

Limited damage.

Let’s get to work.

Damn, if you’re gonna give Rodon that pitch at the ankles, we might as well go home.

Astro go meekly…strike out, pop up, slow ground out

1-0 Sox

They’re a dead duck on the basepath

Machete on display

Garcia isn’t exactly baffling them.

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I feel dirty rooting for the Yankees tonight.

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Garcia works around two hits and a walk, thanks to the machete.

1-0 Sox

I’d feel dirty rooting for them on any night.


Astros need to swing earlier. Waiting until the catcher is throwing it back is not gonna work.

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Another weak inning from the Astros

After two quick outs, 2-out walk here in the third

Single puts Sox on the corners with two out

Garcia has now surrendered his career high in hits in a game