White Sox @ Astros, June 18, 2021

Line out to LF ends the inning…Sox lead 1-0

Goddamn Yankees

So . . . Javier at some point tonight?

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Garcia can’t keep this up without getting burned eventually

Probably. Gotta be someone.

Rodon has gone from Ron Villone to Randy Johnson pretty much overnight.

We’ve played three…Astros have yet to reach base. 1-0 Sox.

Giolito too.

They’re obviously stealing signs.

Rodon discovered something this off-season.

Good inning from Garcia

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Let’s work on that baserunner thing.

Maldonado had a pretty good swing to end the third. Let’s put together some better at bats this next time through. They’ve been horrible the first round.

Another pitiful inning

At this point, the Astros have almost no shot at a base runner tonight.

Another good inning from Garcia

1-0 still


I found an unopened bottle of Glenlivet 15 in the back of the cabinet. It’s open now.


Crazy that nobody wanted him, and now he’s a CYA contender

Helps when you find a way to add 5-7 mph to your fastball and a few more inches break on your slider. Instantly.

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A base hit!!!

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Let’s go!