White Sox @ Astros, June 18, 2021

The same is true in most any sport, hard to do but quite rewarding if you want to know how things actually work.

I discovered this about hockey when I attended my first live game. Watching on TV it’s hard to not focus on the puck because that’s what they follow with the camera. But in person you can see the whole ice and the strategy, plays develop, etc. It’s much easier to follow.


I watch hockey on my computer and even when I watch on a much larger screen half the time I have no idea where the puck is. It’s not that I can’t anticipate its movement; I just can’t see it.

I got done with the last part of my requal training at SWA today (the MAX is safe to fly!) and rolled the dice to try to get on a flight home that would put me in 3.5 hours earlier. I’m ever grateful the kind customer service agent put me on that flight so I could get home and see my beloved Houston Astros baseball club pull off this win tonight. Being stuck in dallass for 8 days of training and not being able to watch the Astros due to mlb blackout rules added to my misery, but hey, 1st World Problems.

Let’s hope The Orange Fire is finding 2021 form of late and can keep rollin’. This has been fun the past few days…

Luv ya Orange.

I learned to do this when I, as a young football coach, was sent to scout other teams. A scout has to watch more than the ball or the varsity coaches will not be happy with the report.

Blummer saying, “Go Yuli” once Yordan’s hit was in play fair was akin to this.
I miss that about being at a game in person.

There’s a great look at the game winning hit on the highlights page for the game on mlb.com.

Go to that link and choose the video captioned “Check out Alvarez’s walk-off” (unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a way I can put a direct link to the video. It’s the 3rd one from the left on the top row). I guess it’s from the 3rd base dugout camera, but you see the whole play develop with no play by play, just the crowd noise. Anyway, check it out. It’s pretty neat.

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Yordan looked big and menacing as he lumbered around 1st.

Just put this together.

Here are the AL standings thru last night, but only showing how each team has done so far against MLB teams that would currently qualify for the 2021 playoffs.

You knew we were good against good teams, but this is absurd.

The “mighty” Dodgers are 10-12 against current playoff teams.


Keep the hated dojers in Brooklyn.

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Yankees have tied it up with Oakland in the bottom of the 7th

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To be fair, the folks in Mendoza sound nothing like the Pórtenos in Buenos Aires.

According to our vineyard crew, both my Spanish and my accent ain’t too bad, but there’s no mistaking that I sound like a Gabacho.


Also: there are a lot of shitty teams out there.


And if we would beat a few of them we’d be sitting on top


True on both counts, lotta games left…

Exactly. Beating the White Sox is great, but when you get your ass handed to you at home by the Tigers, you ought not be beating your chest.

They are certainly not the Tigers by any means; love the playoff atmosphere of these games.

Ancient history, dude.