White Sox @ Astros, April 1, 2023

Tucker with an RBI single, Chas follows suit…Astros up 2-0 in the first

Fuck the shift. Love them runs.

Moncada with a leadoff home run on an 0-2 pitch…2-1

Bregs got hosed


And then he promptly called strike one on Yordan that was six inches inside. If they’re going to pervert the game with stupid shit like a pitch clock, why don’t they do something to correct the egregiously missed ball and strike calls?


Calm your tits, Chuck, the robot umps are coming inevitably.

Urquidy came back nicely from 3-0 to get Anderson.

Give me a second, I’m going to use ChatGPT to craft a response.


And not so nice job walking the bases loaded after being up 0-2.

Recovered to end the inning with a K.

30+ pitches in the inning but no damage. .

Nice catch, asshole.

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They’ll uphold that call.

He was clearly out. It wasn’t really questionable on the replay.

That ball was also clearly out.

That was clearly a pitch put on a tee. Zavala did what he was supposed to do with it.

I didn’t need a replay.

They gifted the WS a run thanks to that missed call.

2 runs. Zavala doesn’t bat if Colas is out.

Tru, tru

Anderson single, SB.

Blanco warming.