WBC 2023

International baseball is on the rise!


USA vs Japan! Let’s go!

Trea Turner has been on just a bit of a roll this tourney

Game tied in the 2nd. Kelley is given the hook after giving up a tater and loading the bases with one out.

Which Kelley is that.

the Not Joe one

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Sorry, Kelly not Kelley. M. Kelly.

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Good. He could make me root for Japan.

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USA coughs up the lead in the bottom of the second. Now 2-1 Japan.

Trout goes fishin’ on a changeup,


IDK about you all, and I may regret pointing this out, but Trout has historically struggled against the Astros, with the result that I have never been as immediately impressed with him as his career suggests I should be, and I’m a little disappointed not to have seen anything this WBC to alter that impression.

Is Tucker hurt? Surprised he’s not in the lineup. Hasn’t he had a pretty good WBC?

Given the trouble with the strike zone that preceded the pitch, I’m not sure that Schwarber going after the 3-0 pitch was a great idea. But I guess if you think it’s going to be a cripple…

Just got under a middle of the plate fastball.

I’ve been wondering about Tucker as well.

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So that’s great.

No mention of discomfort, so he’s got that going for him.

Adam with three 2 out walks to load the bases.

What is Nootbaar’s connection to Japan?

His mom was born there.