Turley Wines

Michael, anything you’d recommend for the spring release? I just got my email.

Hey Neil,

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Longer day than I expected.

Looked over the wines Turley offered and I’m always a huge fan of the following:

Whitney Tennessee Zinfandel
Kirschenmann Zinfandel
Sadie Upton Zinfandel
101 Vineyard Zinfandel
Napa Valley Petite syrah

We actually drink a fair bit of those wines in our house.

In 2019, I also think the Duarte Zinfandel is particularly good and one of the best vintages of that wine yet.

You won’t go wrong with the Dragon Zinfandel, which Larry Turley’s favorite Zin, for whatever that’s worth. And Juvenile is a good one for early drinking and enjoyment.

Hope that helps!! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.



Mike, that’s perfect, thanks.

When should I expect to see more Ueberroth? That’s my favorite, but I’m looking forward to trying the Whitney Tennessee.

Good question. I believe that’s a Fall Release wine.

Btw, y’all may already know the vineyard was owned and named for former MLB commissioner Peter Ueberroth (whom I met a few years ago at one of our grower lunches, really nice gentleman). Crazy to think that he bought the vineyard in the 1960’s when it was already some sixty odd years old.

You’re very welcome!! Glad I could help.

So…how does one get invited to the Turley club? Or is it just for the coastal elites?

I think I went through their website and requested to be on their list. Then they send out two invitations a year. It’s the second most exclusive organization I belong to, this being the first.

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Which is amazing considering we have practically no standards at all.


I’m just letting you know how hard it is to get on the list.

I’m pretty sure you had to be born in 1956.

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HH, while we’re generally looking for a more discerning clientele, you can sign up for the Mailing List here:
Once you do, feel free to let me know and I’ll reach out to our Mailing List Co-Ordinator to make sure you get an offering.

I think Neil has to host a tasting when Covid safe!


Kris told me I should have sent you the link to the Harris County Covid website.

That’s good advice. I’m gonna sign up there. My doctor sent out an email saying they’d let all their patients know when it was available, don’t call us. The Company has also signed up to get the vaccine for employees, but don’t know if/when that will happen. So I’m still semi-quarantining. Which is also good, because it keeps me hidden from the Kraken.

No one’s hidden from the Kraken.

Hey, Mike, please tell the powers that be thank you for slimming down the bottles a little bit. Just a few mm will make a difference in tight racks.

No kidding.

Love those tight racks.

Glad you like the new look. The change was several years in the making. My boss had to convince Larry we could come up with a mold that still looked like Turley and was slim enough to fit into a standard wine rack (though, if you bought Champagne, our bottles were no wider).