Tom Herman Fired

After being given a vote of confidence, it was bound to happen. Who will be next to underachieve there? After he skipped out on the Cougars, I actually thought he would do good at UT.

I’m glad he’s gone and hope you’re wrong about another poor hire.

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I don’t think they would have done this without having somebody in the wings. I wonder who it is.

Take it for what it is, but ESPN is reporting Sarkisain at Alabama.

if it’s Steve Sarkisian, I hope he doesn’t show up drunk.

As long as he understands that you shouldn’t keep your best running back on the bench for entire quarters in close games, he can show up high for all I care.

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I don’t think he has to drive through Arkansas to get to Austin.

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David Pollack now saying he’s heard Sark turned down the job


No Sarkisian is good news in my opinion, but the whole operation is looking like a Keystone Kops deal.

That’s really new and different for us

Mississippi is a legal state now too.

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Herman did not get a vote of confidence. CDC merely omitted “today” from his statement. Herman lost me forever after the ISU game.

Nothing like starting this bs already.

And I’m assuming there’s no age limit?

For what?

I just got an email from UT’s president that Sarkasian is named head coach. I’m pretty sure that I’m at the only person who got the email.

You and me, Neil. Only us two.

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Sarkasian confirmed.

Not sure how I feel about this…but I was happy with both Strong and Herman

On the plus side the bball team looked awesome today, blew out Kansas on the road.

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So what was it about Herman that they felt was the wrong direction? He wasn’t terrible. Seems like a quick hook.

Herman had to go, and I guess Sark was the best available coach, but it’s hardly a slam dunk hire. Our household has already started tuning out college football (missed the last three Texas games because we didn’t know they were on) and this hire doesn’t do much to excite me.