Tigers at Astros, 5/7/22

Framber gets three grounders to start:

Peña slips transitioning to the throw for a single
Soft grounder sneaks rough the shift for a single
6-4-3 double play

Another soft grounder to third, fortunately Miggy is the runner and Bregman gets him easily.

Mid 1, 0-0

Altuve pops a 3-1 pitch to second

Brantley up the middle, bounces off the mound to 2B who bobbles and still throws out Brantley

Bregman lines to SS. That was quick.

Candelario bounces off Framber’s glove and Peña wisely eats it

Two strikeouts, a sharp single makes it first and third, then a 3-2 strikeout ends the threat.

Yordan stares at strike 3
Yuli flies to RF
Tucker walks
Peña waves at the 0-2

End 2, 0-0

The Tigers are up to six hits with maybe one hard hit ball.

First and third with one out.

Miggy laces a double down the LF line and it’s 2-0.

Candelario breaks the bat, 6-3 with Miggy holding

Liner off Framber’s glove deflects back to the plate, Machete snatches it up for the rarely seen 1-2-3 non-double play.

Mid 3, 2-0 Tigers.

Altuve lines a 2-out Crawford Boxes shot and it’s 2-1.

True or false: we don’t hit in day games as a rule.

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As a rule, we’re not hitting much at all.

Framer finishes 6 IP with 2 runs, still 2-1.

Astros finally get runners on in the 7th but Chas flies out to end the “rally”.

Yordan misplays a lead off fly ball into a double.

Schoop then lines one right back to Abreu.

Yordan didn’t exactly hustle over, the. Let the ball bounce under his glove.

Ruled a single and E7, Pierzynski calls it “a tough error” by the scorer, I remember that AJ is clueless.

Abreu gets a K and a L3 on a nice jump by Yuli.

Mid 8. Still 2-1.

Diaz, PH for Maldonado, pops to second.
Altuve slaps a 2-2 up the middle for a single
Brantley laces a double into the RF corner, Altuve all the way around, Mike into third on the throw (ETA: ruled a triple)

Tied 2-2

Bregman grounds directly to SS, no chance for Brantley to go home