Tigers at Astros, 5/7/22

(Partial delete because I forgot Hinch was the Tigers manager)

Uncle Mike hits a triple to tie it up.

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IBB to Yordan

First run allowed by Tigers bullpen while leading this season

Yuli walks on 4 pitches, AJ inexplicably doesn’t have anyone warming.

Fulmer has missed 6 straight pitches low to glove side.

Make it 8. Tucker walks.

Astros lead 3-2


Alex Lange in to face Peña

Peña waves at a slider for strike 3, but the Astros take the lead going into the 9th

Pressly in:

Barnhardt 5-3
Hill F9
Baez K swinging, and that’s the ballgame!

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Very nice. Fugly game, but wins is wins.


Take it!


A win is a win.


Winners win their clunkers.


Good teams do

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It was a “Crawford Boxes shot”, as in it cleared the Crawford Boxes, hit the wall 30 ft above them, and bounced back into them.

My bad. I saw the liner and the landing and missed in between.

Just didn’t want anyone to think it was a cheapie. It wasn’t.

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No GZ today? I will keep looking.