Tigers @ Astros, April 4, 2023

Framber on the mound

Jeff Nelson off to a real shaky start so far. No clue where the outside corner is/isn’t.

Hey How about lets not the Vierling guy beat us today?

My grump has left the keyboard. Lets win one for Billy Doran today - he needs a win.

1-0 Tigers. They’re a machine.

Jesus Fucking Christ, Pena. What an absolute fucking duck of a throw. Anywhere near the plate and Baez is out by 10 feet.

Also, that pitch was a fucking meatball.

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I’d really like to to see the 2022 version of the Houston Astros as soon as possible.


Jesus Christ, that was a goddamn pitiful at bat by Yordan.

Frozen on a fastball in the happy zone. Yuck.

Pena works the count 3-1 then hits a rocket right at their SS. 1 out.

Bregman swings at a pitch around his eyes but eventually works a walk.

Yordan gets absolutely abused on a 3 pitch strikeout. H fouled back strike 1, took a breaker on the top of the outside corner, then took a meatball right down the fucking middle.

Abreu chops one down the 3rd base line, Schoop fields it right after it bounces over the 3rd base bag, and the throw pulls Tork off the bag. Runners on 1st and 2nd, 2 out for…

Tucker takes a ball, rips one in to left field, Bregman with a great read and he scores easily. Tie game!

Julks the DH swings at a high fastball, strike 1. Takes a breaker at the top of the zone, 0-2. 22 pitches now for Manning. Foul tip in the mitt, 3 pitch K.

Tie game, End 1.

Top 2

Framber already at 20 pitches after 1.

Miggy takes a fastball for strike 1. Chopper to short, Pena fires across 6-3, 1 out.

Schoop up, bounced curve ball. Grounder up the middle Dubon schoops it up, 4-3, 2 outs.

Rogers takes low, ball 1. Liner to right, Tucker reels it in, 3 outs. Framber cleans it up, 6 pitch inning.

Mid 2, 1-1. Framber at 26 pitches.

Bottom 2

Meyers swings through a top of the zone FB. Takes all 1. Heater on the outside corner, 1-2. Chopper to third, Schoop makes the play but no chance to throw out the speedy Meyers. First hit of the season for Jake the Snake.

Dubon gets a cookie right down the middle and hits a lazy flyball to center. 1 out.

The top of the 2nd was under 2 minutes total.

Maldonado takes ball one low. Doinks one to shallow center, 2nd baseman under it, 2 outs.

Pena takes a slider down the middle. Slider outside, 1-1. Throw over, safe. Chopper up the middle 2nd baseman makes a great sliding stop and throws out Pena by a few steps.

End 2, 1-1

Yordan with a strike!

Top 3

Kreidler takes strike one, swings through strike 2, bounces a breaker 1-2, again 2-2, 2 seamer way wide and high 3-2, Perfect curve low and in swing and a miss, 1 out.

Vierling up and out, 1-0, a little outside, 2-0. Framber is back to fucking nibbling, Up and out again, 3-0. THROW FUCKING STRIKES YOU CLOWN. Right down the middle, 3-1. Fouled back, 3-2. Bounced back foot curve ball, ball 4. Bad Framber is currently in effect.

Baez swings at a 55 footer, 0-1. Swings at a high fastball, 0-2. Bounced another one, 50 foot curveball, fucking awful pitch gets away from Maldy. Maldy gets to it quickly but can’t get anything behind the throw, runner advanced to 2nd. Baez foul tips a fastball in to Maldy’s glove, ponche! 2 outs.

Greene, takes one just off the outside corner that’s been a strike at least 5 times already this game, 0-1. Fuck you Jeff Nelson, you goony giant. Up and in, 2-0. Grooved for a strike, 2-1, shot the other way in to left field, Yordan charging and will have a chance at home, fires it AND HE’S OUT AT HOME!

Great throw and great tag by Maldy!

Mid 3, 1-1. Framber at 33 pitches.

Beautiful throw/tag

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Bottom 3

A quick side note, the commericals on MLB.tv are like 50x louder than the broadcast, and it’s fucking OBNOXIOUS.

Bregman leads it off and takes one way outside, 1-0. Deep fly to left field, but caught just in front of the warning track on a meaty, spinning slider at the top of the zone. 1 out.

Yordan DROPS A BUNT DOWN THE 3RD BASE LINE and it rolls down the line for 40 feet, then crawls foul at the last second, 1-0. Up and away, 1-1. Jam shot pop in to shallow left, 2 outs.

Abreu takes one up for strike one, fuck you again Jeff Nelson, 0-1. Up, ball 1. Meaty slider grounded to short, slick play by Baez 6-3, 2 outs.

End 3 1-1

Top 4

Torkelson takes a ball low, Chops one to 3rd, 5-3. 1 out.

Haase takes strike one on the outside corner at the knees, Swings through an offspeed pitch, 0-2. 2 seamer swung through in the same spot, PONCHE. 2 outs.

Miggy fouls off a fastball, 0-1. Grounded to 2nd, Dubon flips across 4-3. 3 outs.

Mid 4, 1-1 Framber at 53 pitches (I may have grabbed the wrong total last half inning)


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Lets sign that guy LT