Tigers @ Astros, April 13, 2021

“How about some runs” is the theme for the evening.

Oh, and Jake Odorizzi is making his Astros debut.

Gonna call him Jake “Eggs” Odorizzi and see if it sticks

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They tried that in Tampa, but couldn’t get it to stick. Gotta keep the pressure on

Eggs starts with a swinging K

The count is now 3-5 as Eggs not getting the inside corner…

Good start for Odo

Jose be hackin

Bregman with a broken bat liner to LF

Bring him around, Carlos.

Damn. Carlos hits a laser, but right at the LFer

No score

Or line out to left.

Your call.

Mazara with a one out single.

Is Eggs the first to wear #17 since Twinkie?

Yordan rips one to the left side for a single.

That ball traveled at least 75 feet.

You can’t make it hop that many times without some serious power.

Yuli scorches one down the line in right.

They’re en fuego.

Yuli with a 100-ft Texas Leaguer. Combined those two hits would bare have reached an outfielder

Hit em where they ain’t is a sound strategy.

Of course