Tigers @ Astros, April 13, 2021

Way to go Tucker.

Hit it so hard they caught it.

At a boy Straw! RBI single

Great job, Straw!

And great baserunning.

1st/3rd, 1 out, 1 run in

Very nice 2 strike hit.

Chris Fetter is a tall and lean drink of water.

SB by Straw…


Lift one, Jason

Straw takes a bag!

No throw too.

Love to see his jump against the lefty.

I don’t understand how you’re late on a 3-1 pitch that’s a 91 mph fastball.

You’re guessing that slider that just put him away.

What a fucking horrible AB by Castro. Fuck.


Slider away strikes again.

Need to step up Jose.

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Well that was ugly.

Jeebus Altuve. That was fucking awful

Takes a meaty spinner, swings out of his fucking shoes at a tough pitch, takes a meaty spinner right down the pipe.


2B and 3B, one out…Castro gets a 91-mph fastball right down the middle on 3-1 and manages to get a piece of it. Then flails at a pitch in the other box

Altuve was a fucking deer in the headlights.

Damn. Tied up

Fucking meatball.

This team is fucking hot garbage right now.

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