Thoughts on the trade deadline?

If we were out of it I thought we might be selling Brantley, George and/or Yuli to start the rebuild with all of their contracts expiring.

Can’t see that now.

But also don’t see enough talent in the farm system (maybe Whitley) to be able to address bullpen depth or even adding a consequential starter.

I’m guessing we don’t do much. Where would you go if you were GM?

Keep things as they are. Win it all, great. Don’t win, fine. Don’t sell while you have a shot but don’t put any more resources into this season.

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I wouldn’t buy anything that cost a lot or was just a short term fix.

This season isn’t worth it.

Have you been drinking? You re-sign all of those guys. You’re in the window, this is not time to blow it up and re-build.

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I’d love that.

Do you think they will?

I think they’ll try. Springer may decide he wants crazy money. I think Yuli is happy. Not sure about Brantley. But I think they try to make it work with all three of them. I’m certainly not ready for a rebuild, especially with another year of Verlander and Greinke and Altuve and Bregman in their primes.

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Castro goes to Padres. If they Rangers are successful in dumping both Lynn and Gallo, given the number of games we have against them, we have a great shot at catching the A’s - though 7 games on their home field isn’t to our advantage.

Personally I would love Archie Bradley from the Rays as Ken Rosenthal suggested. Just not sure how much you give up for him given not much club control once acquired.

They’ll prioritize Springer, then Brantley, then Yuli. There’s almost no scenario of Reddick returning.

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Yuli has said he wants to be in Houston. I hope that one is not hard.


That one shouldn’t be too hard, I doubt there’s a long list of teams interested in him.

I hope not but they should be.

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I love Yuli and he’s a really good player but he isn’t exactly an analytical darling, or young, he doesn’t walk, doesn’t hit for that much power.

He rolls out of bed and hits line drives.

Analytics be dammed.


Rumor mill says maybe Matt Barnes and/or Robbie Ray.

Boston is cleaning house. They were the greatest team of all time in 2018. Amazing.

Minor to the A’s. Clevenger to the Pads.

What time is the deadline?

Wow. If they ship out Lynn, too, that’s going to be quite a turnover.

ETA: I’m an idiot. For some reason, my cramping brain thought Clevinger was on the Rangers.

ESPN says 4pm Eastern.

Robbie Ray to the Jays

You just had him mixed up with Kluber.

And the word out of the grill in Arlington is everyone is on the block, including Gallo.