The Void: 2021-22 Off-season

May as well have one spot for all off-season discussion, at least that don’t involve Carlos Correa.

So to lead off…

Several high profile players declined to opt out of their contracts. These include Trevor Bauer (imagine that), Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon, and Jurickson Profar. Not sure if this is a sign of the upcoming CBA negotiations, or just happy campers, but the free agent talent pool is a little shallower now.

I think the Astros have several players in the high minors ( that need to be put on 40 man) and the 40 man roster that need to be traded or lost on waivers or the rule 5 draft.

What players and/or positions would you like to see added? Included for trades?

I’m thinking one of McCormick, Siri, Meyers ( in likeliest to least order) need to go for the best possible roster.

Also, there are so many bullpen arms with good stuff and terrible command that some should be traded if the Astros can find takers.

You can’t keep all three of McCormick, Meyers, and Siri everyday. You only have five backup position players, and one has to catch and two have to be able to play on the infield.

Meyers absolutely needs to be kept around. Siri seems to have good potential. I like McCormick but if one needs to go…He would definitely have trade value.

Losing Meyers was a real loss during the playoffs–maybe he was just on a streak, but my sense was that he’s the best of the group, McCormick is the best defender, and for me that leaves Siri out. Has anyone heard a prognosis on Meyers?

I think Meyers is the best defender.


He’s certainly enthusiastic.

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I’m waiting for Keith Law to tell me who is the best defender.


Given is prowess in evaluating talent, I’m sure he has Jose Canseco in his all-time top three defensive outfielders, well ahead of such iron gloves as Willie Mays and Roberto Clemente.


I wish Maldonado was a good defender, but he’s no Gary Sanchez


JD likes Boston. He exercised his option to stay.

He also likes far more $ than he would have gotten elsewhere.

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Qualifying offers extended to Correa and Verlander


Come on, JV. Accept it. Nice income for proving to everyone your arm is ok.


My gut says JV will accept it.


Some pundits think he will also. I hope all of you are correct.

If he hopefully accepts it, there’s nothing preventing him and the Stros from negotiating any contract they want, right?

Dojers extended QOs to Seager and Taylor but not Kershaw.

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Will they let him walk?