The sci-fi TV thread

The whole episode is so fucking good. Phenomenal television. There is nothing, nothing like this show in the whole Star Wars franchise.

And the credits scene is a great (and slightly chilling) answer to one of the show’s unspoken little questions.

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I just finished the finale. Jesus Fucking Christ what a ride that was.

The entire finale was just incredibly edge of your seat amazing viewing from start to finish.

That was the finale? Darn.

I have to go watch the post credits scene. Totally missed it.

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Finally got around to starting Foundation on Apple… not sure what to make of it. The aesthetic is like Rings of Power meets David Lynch’s Dune

The Asimov trilogy was the start of science fiction for me. As much as I loved the books, I only made it 30 minutes into that show.

It’s one of those Apple shows that relies on insane production value to mask its writing flaws. And obviously a very, very loose adaptation of the books.

Speaking of which… I thought Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon would be enough to keep me watching the Morning Show, but good lord every single character is insufferable.

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I enjoyed the first season but gave up 2 or 3 episodes into S2.

I’m thru episode 9 of Andor.

When we finish it I’m going back to see the reactions on this thread.

I’ll just say this now:

Holy crap I love it.

More like this, less like book of BF.


Andor and Mandolorian, while totally different styles, are both just absolutely fantastic.

Andor’s storytelling and look at a totally different part of the Star Wars world are incredible.



My Star Wars heart is big enough to love The Mandarian and Andor.

When Andor is done, I plan on bingewatching it, Rogue One, and New Hope backtobacktoback.


Please don’t let George make a New Hope super extra deluxe directors cut that is really just adding on the last 1/3 of Rogue One


Pretty sure Disney doesn’t let him play with his toys anymore.

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It will always be funny to me that George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry created maybe the most iconic franchises in popular culture, yet they both eventually lost creative control (twice, in Roddenberry’s case) because they couldn’t get out of their own way.

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Don’t get me started on Lucas’ destruction of the original trilogy. You can have my despecialized editions when you can pry them from my cold, dead hard drive.

Did you buy them on dvd or download them?

Downloaded them. You can’t buy them, which is how they get away with not being sued into Alderaan chunks by LucasFilm.

Yeah, Roddenberry had many flaws after TOS but at least he never meddled with a long-finished product.

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Model spacecraft still look better than cgi.

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