The sci-fi TV thread

I am soooo pissed they killed off Hemmer.

Now starting ep. 10

Big Tasha Car vibes from that one.

Denise Crosby as an auto: Tasha Car
Denise Crosby in 10 Forward: Tasha Bar

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The Sandman starts on Netflix tomorrow. Since Gaiman is the executive producer and writer, I’m hopeful they didn’t screw it up.

I’m heistant to watch because I’m afraid it’ll end up another being a gore-fest like American Gods or GoT.

It’s entirely possible. Especially the 24 hour diner episode. There was a lot of horror in the comic.

Season 3 finale of “For All Mankind” tomorrow.

Ep9 Spoiler

So what’s up with the North Koreans?

I don’t know why I read your spoiler in Jerry Seinfeld’s voice.

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What is the deal with spoiler alerts?


Just finished it. Holy fucking shit.


GAAAAAH still back in S2!

Speaking of S2 (I watched the finale last night), does it make me a bad person if…


I was actively rooting for Gordo and Tracy to get killed off?

I wouldn’t mind seeing a few other characters die too.

Love the show but I’m having a hard time caring about anyone. Other than Peanut. I like Peanut.



Karen got fucked by both the Stevens boys.


That finale was so off the rails that I kind of enjoyed it.