The Rise of Skywalker (spoilers)

Really enjoyed it.

Much, much better than the previous one. I thought it did a good job of addressing the core question of Star Wars: who will be bad and who will be good?

I’m sure if I go back over it I’ll find things that will need to be either explained away or simply accepted, but the first time thru I found it very satisfying.

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Star Wars sucks


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Thanks for the tip Waldo.


My mom says I’m cool.

Haven’t seen it and have seen/heard anything that’s going to make me go out and see it.


Does Rey really just call herself a “Skywalker” at the end, despite being nothing of the sort?

The answer to your question is yes.

If you enjoyed The Force Awakens at all, then you should see this one.

If The Last Jedi totally queered the deal for you that’s understandable.

It’s the latter for me. I’ve come to view the saga as the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, and the alternate universe trilogy. I’m not interested in the alternate universe.

TLJ really did queer the deal for me. I get that most movies don’t hold up to much scrutiny, and I am more than capable of suspending logic to enjoy a well made flick. But while watching TLJ something was gnawing at my brain. The audio/video beauty of Star Wars movies can overcome a lot, but not the God-awful narrative and plot choices in TLJ - they’re powerful enough to push through in real time.

I’d already decided not to bother seeing ROS after hearing Palapatine in the trailer. TFW was entertaining because it was a remake of ANH, and that was forgivable as they were cranking this back up after a long layoff with a new target audience in mind. But bringing back the long dead Emperor - who the old audience all saw die once and for all and the new audience has no clue about - smacked of desperation.

So I’ve read up on the spoilers and this looks like more of the same. Gorgeous visuals, John Williams’ music, and a plot that’s the stuff of nonsense. The conclusion leaves me bone dry.

Opening weekends (worldwide):

TFW: $517 million
TLJ: $450 million
ROS: $374 million


I really liked it, though I’m still irritated that Disney dropped $4B on the property and then decided that the best way to roll out the new trilogy was to hire three different directors and essentially play that creative writing game where one person writes a paragraph and hands it to the next one to see how the story unfolds.

Who knows where Collin Trevorrow would have taken it, but it’s clear that Abrams was dead set on walking back everything Rian Johnson did in TLJ (even getting a few cracks at it in the dialogue). In fact if it weren’t for the fact that Luke died in TLJ one could conceivably go directly from TFA to ROS and not miss anything at all, I feel.

Regardless, it at least felt like a SW movie to me, and I thought there was a lot to like, despite the breakneck pacing.

I’ll watch Star Wars, but that’ll be The Mandalorian…

Last Jedi completely sucked all the fun out of Star Wars. I was planning on watching Rise Of Skywalker till it was apparent they were bringing back Sidious. I get that it’s Fiction, but he was tossed into a reactor core that exploded. Abrams can’t do anything new, yet Rian Johnson was willing to kill all the past that fans held dear to do something new.

I liked it. It was all over the place but I liked it.

Me too. For the record, I really hated the Force Awakens but actually liked most of The Last Jedi. Basically, I liked the relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren, but hated the nostalgia and most of everything else (every single scene with Leia was terrible). Anyway, I’m not super eager to see these again, but don’t regret seeing them either (except for the Force awakens which I hated).

This is exactly the analogy I’ve been using in conversation about Eps. 7-8-9 with friends.

Well, I saw it yesterday finally. I was all set to like it a ton but just could not get there. They tried to cram 4 hours of content in to close a bunch of chapters and the whole thing felt rushed and scatterbrained. Then the Palpatine angle was a bridge too far for me to suspend disbelief. Plus all the unforced errors. That’s a lot of Sith to keep under wraps for years. Where’d they get the resources to create the armada? Who were all the armada staff? Where’d they come from? Star destroyers can’t take off from in-atmosphere? WTH? And if they can’t, they ALL have to be controlled by a single point of technology? WTH? Rey changes her name to Skywalker at the end just cause? Cause she likes it? Wut? I walked out pretty disappointed.

I felt like this on first viewing, too. It all felt much more cohesive on second viewing.

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I can understand some of these issues, but this? This was not out of the blue. This was smack dab in the middle of the blue.

Maybe I am being dense. As near I can tell, she has taken on the name as a chosen name, basically to reject the Palpatine name and lineage. Understandable, for sure. I don’t remember seeing her fill out a Petition for Change of Name and turning it into the Clerk of the Court though.

If you subscribe to the theory that Palpatine created Anakin via the force then technically the Palpatine/Skywalker lineage is one and the same, so her taking on the name isn’t too much of a stretch.

Well that makes Kylo and Rey’s kiss that much more uncomfortable.

I don’t. Palpatine never said or suggested that. He only mentioned that his Sith master (Plagueis) had learned how to manipulate the force to create life. That Palpatine idea is just SW geek wannabes postulating out their rears. And I am dangerously close to that geek precipice for even knowing that.