The Inevitable What About The Inevitable You-Know-Who Thread Thread

If Biden can be convinced to drop out, I think we have to go with Kamala Harris or risk losing both the black and women votes. In fact, I think Biden should resign the presidency, let Harris be sworn in, name her vice president, and run as an incumbent.

She’s not my first choice, just like Biden wasn’t, but I think she’s the best shot.

Also, I don’t put much stock in the “we already chose Biden in the primaries” argument. The 2020 primaries happened right as Covid was hitting and were chaotic. This year we didn’t have a choice besides Biden and a couple freaks.

I’ll vote for whomever the Democrats put forward, but I sure hope it isn’t Biden.

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I am Limey and I approve this message.

If ‘tis to be done, then this is how it should be done.


I listen to more pigfucker radio than’s good for me. Part of it is that I like to know the scare tactics these cynical grifters use to rile up the rednecks, and part of it is that the radio wherever I am these days with the notable exception of Los Angeles is horrific, public radio, college radio, especially commercial radio. If I’d wanted to listen to Foreigner, the RHCP and Renegade by Styx mixed in between the two I would have mentioned something before leaping off the bridge.

Anyway, these freaks have lately been on a jag where everything is It is just OUTRAGEOUS that Biden is going to continue at the top of the ticket, the sane and honorable thing to do is CLEARLY to allow Kamala to take his place and whatever you do DON’T THROW ME IN THE BRIAR PATCH.

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They aren’t wrong.

The RNC platform is out (at least they have one now). They made platform committee members all cone to Milwaukee for the platform conference and, when they got there, gave them an all-caps print out of (essentially) Trump’s teleprompter.


I assume that in their depraved fever deluded version of reality they think they will kill her so we’ll have President Mike Johnson.

They’d have to kill Vice President Whitmer, too, in that scenario. But I bet if you read through Project 2025 deep enough you’d get the outline.

Vice President Whitmer would have to be approved by Congress to take office, hence it skips over to Johnson.

Ah, I see. In my scenario, and when I say my scenario I mean the briar patch scenario, someone convinces Jill to convince Joe not to run, Kamala runs instead and then wins because let’s face it there’s nothing middle America loves more than an assertive, successful Black woman not named Oprah.

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Meanwhile, the Epstein files have been released in Florida. Trump is all over them, including multiple rapes of underage girls.

Not mentioned anywhere in the files: Joe Biden.

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Here’s a little reminder of what’s at stake.

Biden starts at 45:00.

Yes Joe was busy showering with his young daughter.

Trump isn’t all over the Epstein stuff.

How ironic is it that Jill was once Joe’s children’s babysitter when she was a teenager. Now she’s babysitting old Joe.

Biden needs all the votes that he can get since Democrats are finally admitting that he has dementia.

View three hidden replies WELL looks like Trump’s being a rapist of underage girls got the gerbil on his wheel again.

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Trump appears in Epstein’s flight logs nearly 70 times. He appears in his phone logs dozens of times, including calls after midnight. They have been photographed together many, many times and have even been filmed together scouting young women at a party. They lived within pissing distance of each other in West Palm Beach.

They had no business or financial dealings with each other.

Chuck, I’m sorry your candidate for President is an old demented fool who should be in a nursing home. Democrats such as yourself are desperate to cling to something to try to make your terrible candidate look better.

I am also sorry that my posts strike a nerve with you. I hope when you read them they warmed your heart.

Democrats should wake the fuck up

At his rally at Trump Doral (because he hasn’t left his own properties in nearly two weeks), to which he was an hour late, Trump said that he never understood NATO.

This is clearly true, but perhaps not in the way that Trump meant it. As president he kept threatening that he was going to stop paying into NATO; that’s not how NATO works so he clearly didn’t understand it…at all!

Everyone. Absolutely everyone who thinks they will get some kind of benefit out of being “ride or die” with Trump is wrong.

Everyone. Including family members.