The Inevitable What About The Inevitable You-Know-Who Thread Thread

Bidenomics continues to fail…upwards.

Four years ago today the Dow closed at 19,200.

After a short recess, proceedings resume in NY. Blanche is back and has gone full Chewbacca. Never go full Chewbacca.

Team Trump finally offers an alternate theory…to a phone call that Cohen had on 10/24/16, and just that phone call.

Cohen testified that he called Keith Schiller - which is confirmed by phone records - who he said was with Trump. Cohen said that Schiller handed Trump the phone, whereupon Cohen told Trump that the Daniels thing was handled. Blanche, very aggressively, asserted that Cohen actually called Schiller because he, Cohen, was being harassed online by a 14-year old.

Apparently, the fact that Cohen was being harassed online by a 14-year old is true. Blanche offered no explanation as to how he made this leap of logic, and certainly no evidence that Cohen’s telling of the episode is false. For that, he can call Schiller and/or Trump as defense witnesses to testify to Cohen is lying in this element of testimony.

To summarize, Cohen testified to a conversation he had with Trump, that is supported circumstantially by other evidence. Blanche invented an alternative theory and, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, used it to try to browbeat Cohen into recanting his testimony.

Full Chewbacca.

Here’s how the afternoon started for Blanche on cross.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 1.36.45 PM

The judge might not be the only people with whom Blanche has lost all credibility.


Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 2.01.54 PM

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Ask businesses and restaurants across the country how they are doing as that are closing down.

Oof, Katy Tur.

She would’ve been on air when this dropped.

Because Cohen is such an honest witness.

Not Trump related, but still an expression of our current madness. Abbott pardoned the guy who shot the BLM protester and was convicted by a Travis County jury and sentenced to 25 years. An imaginary analogue to this story is someone who felt Trump rally supporters should be shot, went to a rally with his gun to confront them and when faced with an armed Trump supporter, gunned him down, crying that he was afraid.

Think the motherfucker in that situation would be pardoned?

There is no bottom.


100x more trustworthy than the defendant.

Right, because he’s benefiting Democrats.

The details that have emerged (his text messages/social media stuff before he left his house) that have been released recently are absolutely horrific. He also, in his initial interview with police, said that the guy he shot never pointed a gun at him.

Also, Abbott announced he would pardon the shitbag before he was sentenced.

Abbott’s main goal is to break Travis County and bend it to his will.

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Travis County, Harris County, any and all Democrat counties


Guv Hotwheels and his rat-fucking ilk gonna rat-fuck.

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Too good to not share.

Hard to believe people would vote for this.

Cohen falling apart today as he is caught lying about a call to Trump. He was actually calling about a 14 year old prank caller. He should have called the old demented sock puppet. He would have rushed to take care of the 14 year old.

No real surprises here. The tapes confirm that Biden is a confused, demented octogenarian who is not capable of being President. We all know that. He’s just desperately trying to hide the tapes from the public because they are so bad.

The fact that Justice Alito was flying a “Stop the Steal” flag at his house in the aftermath of the 2020 election is the most shocking/not shocking news this week.

Of course, Alito is a real man, so he blamed his wife.