The Contenders 2022

That really was all that more satisfying. (Beating those 3 in '17).

Judge with 58 and 59 today as Yanks currently up 12-6 in B9 vs Milwaukee. His .316 BA trails only Luis Arraez of the Twins (at .317) in his triple crown pursuit.

8 and 1 respectively as Mariners lose again.


Yankees have a bullpen problem.


As do the Pirates. Ugh

Never count on the Pirates.

I heard they were planning to activate Elroy Face for the stretch “run”.

At this point, he’s probably as effective as the guys they’re currently trotting out.

What about daughter Judy?

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I did not know until just now that Elroy Face is still alive.

His first appearance in the MLs was the year before I was born. I’m 68.

The Cardinals may be en route to winning the NL Central but man is their offense awful right now. Have been shut out for 3 games in a row and over the last 43 innings have scored just one run (and it came on an error).

Liar!! They have Pujols now. There is no way he didn’t hit a HR in each of those games.

He did, but the rest of the offense is so bad that they actually lost a run, so they netted out at zero.

The Cardinals appear to be the Angels of the NL.

2 superstars with a bunch of other mediocre or not yet established guys.

Unremarkable pitching without a lot of depth.

The differences are

  1. Cards are historically well run
  2. They are in the NL central and don’t have a team like the Astros to worry about.

The Cardinals have 1 losing season in the last 20+ years. The Angels are in their 7th straight losing season. Two star players is about where the similarities stop. I’m no Cardinals fan, fuck em, but it’s a pretty big leap to compare them to that disaster of a franchise in Anaheim.


Fucking Yankees just walked it off in the 10th against Boston.

ManfredMan + IBB + slow 4 hop single to LF. Marwin PR for Rizzo and scored the winning run.

Numbers seem low to me at first glance.

Seems like a pretty good deal for Seattle.

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