The Contenders 2022

Mariners beat the Yankees in the Bronx yesterday.

Today they’ve just put a 6-spot in the first inning against Gerrit Cole.

Seattle held on to win 7-3 with newly acquired Luis Castillo getting the win.


Anyone that thinks the American League West is a settled matter is kidding themselves.


And, the number of Astros starters that have an ERA below Cole’s current 3.72 is three. With starters 4 and 5 within 0.10 ERA of Cole. And the #6 guy they just shipped out 0.03ERA above Cole. I am so happy he no longer on the team.

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Which I why I wanted some upgrade in center field. We are better today, but we could have gotten even better with a slight upgrade there. Nothing to do about it now though. Have to play the games and get everyone right.

A healthy Meyers IS an upgrade in CF. Put your angst/energy there.

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Coach, a team of therapists could busy themselves telling fans where to put their angst.

Yeah but that team probably wouldn’t make it out of the wild card.

Yeah, but they’d feel good about it.

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Idk if they would feel good about it, but it’s important to ask the question about how it makes you feel and learn the true cause

Phillies released Didi Gregorius, BoSox released JBJ and Robbie Cano elects free agency after being DFA’d by the Braves.

The annual ritual involving back issues for Kershaw…

I have never been a fan of Kershaw. But he is a dodgers. There just some teams I love to hate, because of the past. Mets, Boston, Cubs and pitsburg.

I’ve always hated pitsburg for the nerve of its spelling as well.

And don’t forget the Mariners.

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This is Texas. Non one knows better how to use a lasso to snag the Yankees and pulled them under us, than we do! Made up quite a bit of room, only a little more to climb.

Cubs released Andrelton Simmons.

(no, the Cubs aren’t contenders but seemed appropriate to group him with these other former stars)

Jarren Duran’s CF play this afternoon at Kauffman has been…interesting.

And has the gall to jaw with the fans.

Boston losing to Royals 13-5 today and on verge of losing 3 of 4 games in that series.

A truly horrific two months for the Red Sox. Except for that series with the Astros last week.

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Although the Yankees snapped their 5-game losing streak with the 9-4 win over the Mariners last night, they may have lost Matt Carpenter for the rest of the season after breaking his foot on a foul ball.

JBJ signed by the Blue Jays today.