Texans 2023

2024 schedule has been released, 5 national TV games, but they have a brutal stretch in weeks 15-17 where, coming off their bye week, they play 3 games in 10 days (against Miami/@KC/Baltimore no less). Not sure how that’s allowed.

Miami may have swooned by then.

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Could be. The “brutal” comment was more about the 3-in-10 aspect, the opponents just make it worse.

Hey we got one of those sweet Wednesday Netflix games.

Christmas Day Netflix exclusive.

Read somewhere that Netflix offered them 300M for the 2 Christmas games.

Saturday to Wednesday is obviously no different from Sunday to Thursday and teams do that all the time, the problem is they’re already playing Sunday to Saturday the week before, two consecutive weeks of less than normal rest.

I wonder what it would be like to be a fan of a team whose league doesn’t actively try to torment. Boring as hell, I imagine.