Texans 2023

The next one and done…

That would be a good hire, imo. Much better than the Texans deserve.

No way he is a one and done. If he chooses to coach the Texans, he’ll get multiple years.

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I hope so. I was meeting with some folks from out of town and was asked “are there many Texans fans?” I replied that not even the season ticket holders I’m friends with would consider themselves Texans fans at this point. What a fucking waste.

I’m reading he is Denver’s #1 target and even with his Houston ties Denver would be very attractive.

PFT says Ryans to the Texans.

Chronicle and ESPN both report it’s a done deal – Ryans to Houston, 6-year deal:

Happy with this news. Also “happy” for the gift of watching Penner and Payton go at it.

This franchise is so comically inept.

I originally read that as “a salary cap violation”, which struck me as comical given the quality of their play. But a reporting violation is almost better, since it puts the dimwittedness of the front office in the spotlight.