Texans 2023

The next one and done…

That would be a good hire, imo. Much better than the Texans deserve.

No way he is a one and done. If he chooses to coach the Texans, he’ll get multiple years.

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I hope so. I was meeting with some folks from out of town and was asked “are there many Texans fans?” I replied that not even the season ticket holders I’m friends with would consider themselves Texans fans at this point. What a fucking waste.

I’m reading he is Denver’s #1 target and even with his Houston ties Denver would be very attractive.

PFT says Ryans to the Texans.

Chronicle and ESPN both report it’s a done deal – Ryans to Houston, 6-year deal:

Happy with this news. Also “happy” for the gift of watching Penner and Payton go at it.

This franchise is so comically inept.

I originally read that as “a salary cap violation”, which struck me as comical given the quality of their play. But a reporting violation is almost better, since it puts the dimwittedness of the front office in the spotlight.

And the Texans select…

C.J. Stroud, QB from Ohio State

Texans moving up to 3 also?!?!?!

Texans trade up for the third pick…

The Texans war room looks amazingly awkward. Good for them.

I am not a believer in Stroud. I sure hope they’re taking Anderson at #3.

And the Texans take…

Will Anderson, Jr. LB from Alabama

Stroud was the QB I wanted. I’m glad Young wasn’t a possibility.

I don’t know anything about the merits of the relative quarterbacks, nor do we know the terms of the trade up to 3, but this seems to be a shockingly coherent and aggressive strategy for the Texans.

I would have considered waiting until next year for a QB and stocked up the D this year. But a bird in hand, I suppose.

A QB was an absolute must this year. They could not have spent two of the first three picks in this exceptionally QB-rich draft and not get one.