Texans 2023

Texans organization ranked #7 overall- very impressive turnaround

Also, La’Darius Sneed would look amazing on our side of the ball.

It’s amazing how toxic one or two guys can be. Or how much change a few guys can affect. Hopefully they don’t fuck this up.

Fairbairn and Schultz have re-signed

I’m underwhelmed by Schultz. Have they used the franchise tag on anyone?

He’s perfectly whelming to me, and it looks like his pay is in line with his performance. More importantly, CJ likes him and wanted him back.

No franchise tag for the Texans.

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I’d rather have Saquon for that jack, presuming the Texans spend to the cap and dollars thereby matter. Schultz performs but he’s given the script to drift into the zone and nothing else to do (like, block or beat anyone with a move).

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How does Joe Mixon get past the Caserio filter?

So, I take it they signed Mixon?

It wasn’t Caserio, but the preacher dude who is gone. That being said, fuck Mixon, he’s a POS.

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Yeah, fuck that guy.

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ESPN is saying that sources say they will, or something like that. But the guy is scum, and I wish he weren’t part of the team.

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See that Mixon was a trade (7th round). They also signed a free agent edge, Danielle Hunter, previously with Minnesota. 2 yrs, 49 Million. I guess he’s the Greenard replacement. I have no sense how good he actually is.

He’s very good

…and of all the RBs around they had to go get Joe f’ing Mixon

ESPN has the Texans as their most improved team of free agency so far

Curious move by the Texans.

Straining, saves a bit of cash/cap this season.

At least it’s just mildly curious. Not CJ Stroud to the CFL for a bottle of maple syrup curious, like they usually do.

Adam Schefter reports the Texans are acquiring Stefan Diggs from the Bills

ETA: Bills get the 2025 2nd rounder the Texans got from the Vikings; Texans get Diggs, and 2024 5th and 6th rounders

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Stroud is going to have some weapons, to say the least.

I honestly don’t know how to react to the Texans doing smart things.