Texans 2023

He’s not gonna just give you 400 nickels unless it’s what you need.


Two of those interceptions were learning opportunities, and from what we’ve been hearing he’ll learn from them.

How does he make it profitable?



Cartman says

Start up
Cash in
Sell out
Bro down


Collect underpants

I just tuned into the 49ers vs Seahawks and holy shit!

My God! Those Seahawks uniforms! I used to have spinner baits in my tacklebox that same color. I mean, at some point the players have got to say “no” to the clown costumes. It shows how feeble the NFLPA is.

I want to switch my TV to black and white.

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Great idea- an option to switch to B&W would be awesome, indeed.

Texans are supposedly wearing all red tomorrow…red pants, red jerseys, red helmets. It’ll be an assault on the eyes, so you may want to look into that.

“Better Dead than Red”

I like the red jerseys and red helmets too. Just don’t like the red pants. I don’t like the blue ones either. As far as I’m concerned, they should only wear the white pants. Always.

Even after Labor Day?


I thought the monochromatic uniform thing was some bulkshit made up for Thursday nights.

Fashion rules were meant to be broken. I hate dark colored pants. They should be light colored. If you wear silver, a la the Cowboys or Raiders, that’s fine. But dark pants just look wrong on a football uniform.

I don’t mind the dark pants with white jerseys but not with dark jerseys.

Nothing they haven’t done before

It’ll all be ok.

Fun fact I just heard: this is the 5th consecutive game the Texans will face a QB drafted #1 overall


The OL is getting abused so far.

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These refs are too damn flag-happy

I’m ready for the robo refs.

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Just go ahead and give the Offensive Rookie of the Year to both Stroud and Dell

Man, if you’re the Jags, how do you not take three free points at the end of the half?

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