Texans 2020

If the Rockets get a topic…

Not much has changed. Idiotic playcalling and the refusal to use TOs (they had 2, used none, inside the 30 with 2 minutes left) and a missed kick turned a 14-10 halftime deficit into 17-7

It’s almost like this offense needs a playmaker at WR.

Watson still has no self awareness

Fairbairn is still shit

O’Brien is still an offensive moron

The OL is still a sieve

DL still can’t stop the run.

Laramie Tunsil still can’t remember the snap count

Texans are in mid-season form.

Yeah. This is a pretty serious beat down.

Chiefs now on an 82-14 run dating back to the playoffs.

If BOB doesnt fuck up the end of the first half, it’s a 3 point game with three minutes left, and there’s no need for the onsides kick.

Andy Reid is a well known idiot but he looks like Vince Lombardi when he coaches against the Nexans.

It’s going to be nice, really, having full use of my Sundays.

HS girls basketball score.

Now that the Stros game is over I would just like to report that Bill O’Brien is still a moron.

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BOB absolutely hits on 19 because he “has a feeling”


Yet he would also stay on 14 with the dealer showing a face card.