Texans 2019

Great, albeit unexpected win. Simultaneously a cake walk and nerve wracking. That’s a huge boost in the division and playoff circumstances overall.

Meanwhile, O’Brien learned his lesson from last time - against the Patriots you have to call a timeout and scream at the refs to get them to review a play that they should review automatically.

He needs to work on his challenge flag delivery, though. Currently he looks like an English fop tossing a bag of coins to a peasant.

You have to be careful: I’ve seen guys penalized for delivering the challenge flag too forcefully.

So we beat the 10-1 Patriots but are going to lose to the 4-8 Broncos?

The Texans are out there like it’s a preseason game.

I figured this would be a very telling game. It’s the kind of game that an actual contender puts away quietly and without drama, and it’s the kind of game an impostor overlooks and stumbles over. Guess which one we’re looking at?

Why the actual fucking fuck would you call a pass on 4th and 1 (closer to a foot) on your own 39?

I get going for it, but that play call - after the 2-minute warning, so they had plenty of time to think about it - was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen in sports.

Somebody has to go smack BOB on the head and remind him that if you roll Watson out the defense suddenly has to think about a lot of different problems.

We’re going to go in down 31-3 at the half.

How did we ever score 3?

I thought they might come out flat, but this is a truly remarkable performance.

Do these guys even have a coach?

Last week + this week is the Texans franchise in a nutshell.

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Typical Texans

It is, but it doesn’t bother me like UT losses as BOB and the McNairs have worn down my fandom.

I’m contemplating Mr Happy’s advice to invest in the Saints until BOB is removed.

The NO-SF game was I hope a NFC Championship Game preview. I watched that with the Texans on mute on the other tv.

up and down just like many other seasons

Interesting game so far. Titans dick-stepping through the first half.

An aside regarding the tied record: the Texans have played the Patriots, Ravens, Chiefs and Saints (2-2), while the Titans have played the Bills and Chiefs (1-1).

The Titans host the Saints next week while the Texans ho to Tampa Bay, before they match up again in Houston on the last week.

You would think this home game for the Titans is not a “must-win”, but it’s a “really, really ought to win” if they want to win the division.

Back to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Dickstepping: engaged.

It’s just total garbage. Garbage team, garbage coach, owner, garbage league with fucked up and idiotic officiating. It’s just a total waste of time.

Not so fast…

That penalty was one of the worst I’ve ever seen.