Super Bowl LVI

This pregame shit is painful to watch.

My heart is with the Bengals, my head with the Rams.


I can’t bring myself to back the Bengals. Too many AFC Central memories against the Oilers.


So far, the half time show is living up to the hype.


The enemy of my enemy. You know the league has had a giant thumb on the scale to get the Rams here.

This is what I’m on Twitter for.

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That escalated quickly.

I want whatever the Bengals put in their half-time oranges.

I didn’t understand a word of it.

#55 for the Bengals has played a really good game.

The Rams can’t do squat running the ball. They’re running out of time.

The fix is in.


They barely even try to hide it any more.

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Chris Collinsworth has the memory of a goldfish.

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Let them play all game.

Then that.

And that wasn’t even a foul.

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The NFL wins this one.

Joe (the girl hitter) Mixon’s team loses.

Hopefully the league made the gamblers happy. That’s what really matters.

Refs gave Cincy a TD, refs gave LA a TD

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Rams defense was freaking dominant.

Cincy’s was really good too.